Midterms Don’t Have To Be Miserable

It is that time of the quarter (for Drexel students, anyway) to take midterms. At the Foundation of International Education here in London, we follow a quarter system, as well. So, while you are freaking out about midterms over in Philadelphia, I am also freaking out about midterms here in London.

Usually, for me anyways, midterms consist of hours of studying and a lack of sleep for about a week. Library, sleep, repeat. So, how are you supposed to approach midterms when you’re having so much fun abroad? I have great news. Midterms don’t have to be so miserable while you’re abroad!

Since time is so precious while studying abroad, I don’t like to spend the entire day inside. Especially when studying for midterms, it’s easy to lose track of time when you are sitting in the library. Abroad, I have tried to utilize studying and midterms as a way to discover new parts of London. London is home to an endless amount of cafes and coffee shops, which are my favorite places to sit down and study or do homework. Discovering new places to study is a great way to explore the city, while also staying dedicated to your classes. I find that it’s also very productive for me, because I prefer switching up the environment when I am studying!

If coffee shops aren’t your thing, The Foundation of International Education offers many alternative places to study. In fact, right in the bottom of my living quarters, there is a newly renovated study room. Included are computers, printers, and some rooms available for booking to study in. With plenty of couches and chairs, this is a quiet place to study in the company of other abroad students!

Conveniently, FIE is just a five minute walk from some of the most notable museums in London. These free museums have cafes and courtyards that make for great studying spaces. The Victoria and Albert Museum contains the National Art Library, which is a major reference library that is also open to the public. London’s museums can be a very inspirational studying destination!

Midterms do not have to be so miserable while you are abroad. Searching for study destinations is a great way to explore the city, and see new things. And when you need a break from studying, you have a city full of options!

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