Leaving (*gasp*) Before The Quarter is Over..

If you’re like me and have decided to go on a study abroad trip that begins before the quarter and finals are over, do not fret! (That means you Dublin + Amman students!) IT. IS. POSSIBLE. Unfortunately due to the timeline of outside travel organizations, sometimes they do not accommodate for the unique-nature of the Drexel quarter system. So, the initial fears will strike you:

  • How will I be able to complete all of my assignments before I leave ?
  • How will I be able to take finals before I leave?
  • Can I do this? (YES!)
  • Should I just withdraw from the program (NO!)

Saying that you won’t have an initial panic phase would be naive of me. However, soon you will drift into acceptance and it will power you through on your journey of strategic organization.

The best and most crucial element of advice would be to tell your professors about your trip after the first day of classes. Let them know your situation, when you are leaving, and they will coordinate how you will modify the syllabus so you’re not cramming a week before you go.

After this, it is up to you young jedi. Be diligent, go to class, have open communication, and hit the books. Then you’ll be able to see other books, like the thousands in the Trinity College Library in Dublin!

Personally, I was unable to finish all of my work by the time I left. I doubled up on nearly all of my assignments all quarter, kept open communication, and kept the procrastination at an all time low. Yet, if you have a lot of work it may be mentally impossible because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day and that is A-okay!

My professors were immensely flexible and understanding of the opportunities I would gain abroad. They gave me reasonable extensions and were aware of time-zone changes, travel-time, and even the jet-lag predicament.

Likewise, FIE is very understanding of the Drexel schedule and are helpful with modifying pre-departure and mid-program assignments and deadlines to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed.

I had my doubts about being able to do it, had the occasional sleepless night and several big cups of coffee, but the 4 days I have been in Dublin thus far have made it all worthwhile.

You just need to find a balance! Between finishing assignments when you have free time and making sure you eat something delicious (specifically fish & chips from Arthur’s Pub) , see the sights, experience the culture around you, and have fun because it is possible and it is worth it.


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