Adventures in Lotte World Adventures!

Amidst final projects, presentations, and studying for final exams, it is always important to take a break and do something enjoyable! What better way to do so than an amusement park?

Recently, my friend and I visited Lotte World Adventure, an indoor theme park located in Jamsil. Currently, this theme park has the largest in-door theme park in the world with 4-floors of attractions; it even has an outdoor area called “Magic Island”! Not only that, but tourists can spend a couple nights at Lotte World’s luxury hotel. There is also a Korean folk museum on the 3rd floor of the park, a large shopping mall connected at one of the exits, and a couple of movie theaters if you are also in the mood to watch a movie!

When purchasing tickets, I recommend doing so online because you can potentially save around 20,000 won. The savings only seem to apply to anyone who does not hold a Korean passport, so if you go with friends you made in Korea, they might not be able to get the savings. The original price is not too expensive though; it is around 55,000 won in total for normal entry into the park. Another recommendation: buy magic passes (their equivalent to fast passes) if you are willing to spend a little bit more. Like most amusement parks, every attraction seemed to have a wait time between an hour and two hours. Thus, if you want to maximize your time, magic passes will definitely do the trick. Of course, if you happen to have a free day in the middle of the week, the lines will definitely be shorter!

Upon entering the park, it immediately feels like you are thrown directly into a magical land as everything looks really pretty! Of course, the first thing you see at the entrance is Lotte World merchandise and if you are a sucker like me for cute things, your wallet will not be very happy! If you happen to move through the initial shopping area without a purchase, you might notice that most people are sporting some kind of headband! This seems to be a popular tradition that people do at Lotte World (at most other theme parks as well, to be honest), so you might want to join in on the fun and get one as well!

Since it is an indoor theme park, a lot of their attractions consist of virtual reality, stand-still rides with quick, jerking movements, and shooting games! There’s also the teacups (their twist on the ride is that it’s “drunken” teacups, so the floor tilts back and forth as well), the viking ship ride, bumper cars, a carousel, and many others! There’s other cool looking attractions such as a haunted house, mirror maze, terror cemetery, and an in-door ice skating rink, but they cost an additional fare. Lastly, they hold a parade at 8pm every day. The parade definitely appeals more toward children, but I still thought it was cool and very pretty.

Despite the long wait times, Lotte World is definitely a fun time! If you ever get the chance to visit Korea, this attraction should be on the list of stops to check out! With that being said, next week’s blog will feature Lotte World’s folk museum!

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