Lotte World Folk Museum!

When visiting Lotte World last week, we were pleasantly surprised with the variety of activities we could engage in that weren’t the common amusement park rides. As mentioned in my previous post, Lotte World is more than just an indoor amusement park; it has a ton of interesting things to experience such as an aquarium, the Lotte World Art Theater where they put on a couple of performances on a daily basis, and the folk museum! Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to visit their aquarium, but we did see a funny performance with Wizard of Oz characters, Peter Pan characters, and Pinocchio at the Theater (which is just a large stage in the middle of the park). Because our Korean is very limited, we didn’t really understand what was happening and was a bit confused about these mix of characters, but regardless, we thought it was quite entertaining! And of course, since it came with our ticket, we had to take a peak at the folk museum on the third floor!

While taking the elevator up to enter the exhibit, my friend and I thought that it couldn’t take more than 15 minutes to run through the museum and see everything. However, we were both wrong as it took us a good hour to walk around and look at all the displays; from the outside it didn’t look large at all! Anyway, from what I remember, the exhibits began with the cavemen/dinosaur days (they even and ended with beautiful palaces! I thought it was really cool that they set it up like this; it made me feel like I was walking their timeline and could see how everything evolved to what it is today! I think my favorite part of the museum were the spots that were interactive! For example, there were a few games laid out that were played during that time period so we could also take a stab at it. The ones we saw was a game that looked slightly like horseshoes and another where you throw arrows into a bucket. Spoiler: we both were pretty bad at them! We also embraced our inner child and spent some time coloring a picture in a coloring book.

In regards to the displays, I really liked the ones where it was small models of villages and palaces as it was very intricately detailed. There even was a whole room dedicated to these types of displays; there were rows and rows of small palaces and even had a large palace structure that you can climb up. I also enjoyed the displays that just showed the lifestyle of Koreans during that specific time. I swear the models of the people looked so real that I found myself thinking a couple of them were real people in the distance (if they weren’t behind glass)! Other cool features of the museum was an area where you can do pottery (unfortunately there were no classes when we went), a spot where they do performances, a souvenir shop that you can get cool items pertaining to different times, and a traditional food court.

We were really glad Lotte World had these extra activities to do! We unfortunately picked a day where it was raining, so we couldn’t really go outside to see what their outdoor park had to offer. Instead, we were able to see a cool historic exhibition about Korea that I would recommend to anyone who goes to Lotte World, especially if the exhibit comes free with the entrance ticket!

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