Coming to Cork

When opportunities are presented, I find it important to take advantage of them. Today, on July 1st, 2019 I arrived in Cork, Ireland as a student studying abroad to participate in writing intensive workshops. I will be specifically studying Existentialism and Philosophy & Film during my time here. As usual, new adventures are accompanied with nerves, and my nerves are heightened because move-in day is tomorrow as well as to live in Cork with complete strangers for the rest of the month. As much as it is nerve wrecking, it’s also a great opportunity.

Despite being nervous to come to Cork, people have kindly greeted me and wished me well on my study abroad time in Cork. Personally, I have been surprised as to how friendly the locals have been, not only towards myself, but also to other visitors in the country. They’ve definitely made it easier to be excited to stay here for the next month.

Along with the locals being helpful, I’m glad that the program coordinators have also been very helpful. The program made it very easy for us, the participants, to pack since they are providing towels and bedding. Not only did this allow me to only have to bring one suitcase, however, it also gave me more room to pack my own belongings as well as make the move in process much easier.

Before leaving for Cork, the study abroad advisors at Drexel prepared me well for the program, however, I have seen that you definitely learn from your own experiences as well. Although the program hasn’t started yet, I’m questioning how prepared I am for living in Cork because so far, I’ve noticed that I was not prepared for the weather. Yes, I checked the weather before and while I was packing my suitcase, however, it isn’t what I expected it to be. It’s hotter than I thought 60-degree weather would be. I advise anyone traveling to also consider how humid a country could be because that changes how the temperature feels. Another piece of advice that I should have given myself would be to adjust to the time zone by staying up for the rest of the day and sleeping when its nighttime in Cork.

               I look forward to the rest of the week where I get to meet my roommates and other students in the program. I’m looking forward to making new friends and to explore as much of Ireland as I can within these 5 weeks.