Dublin On A Budget

Traveling can be the experience of a lifetime. However, a big consequence that comes with that experience is the loss of funds. As a college student studying abroad in Dublin, I take every opportunity to look for deals and coupons. Fortunately, grocery shopping in Dublin is relatively cheap compared to how it is in the United States. Fruits and produce are nearly half the usual price. However, since most food is organic, they tend to expire very quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask for student discounts in Dublin. Many restaurants and places of attraction have student deals available that are reasonably priced. Lunch deals are typically around €8-10, as opposed to paying around €15 for a full priced meal. To get an international sim card will only cost you around €20 for unlimited data usage for a span of four weeks. One app that has been very useful to finding discounts has been Groupon. This app has saved me a ton of money! Many museums and attractions have deals on it, so make sure to check for it’s cheaper options instead of buying directly on the attraction’s website first. 

I typically try to look for places to spend my time in that wont cost me a dime. Dublin has many free parks throughout the city. The one closest to The Dublin Business School is St. Stephen’s Green. It’s a small quaint area perfect for having lunch and relaxing with friends. Watch out for the hundreds of pigeons and seagulls that will try to steal your lunch! Another great park is Phoenix Park, the largest urban park in Europe. Phoenix Park is so unique because there are hundreds of wild fallow deer that roam around the park. These deer are so comfortable with humans, so much so they they let you pet them. Though you are not supposed to feed the deer, people ignore the rules and still do, which is why the deer don’t get scared by humans. Walking in this park you will be able to see the beautiful mountains out in the distance. It’s weird to see mountains so close to the city. There are many gardens filled with exquisite flowers and fields of towering grass that seem never ending. The President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, lives in Phoenix Park (pictured below is his house).

Another spot in Dublin that I love to visit is the Dublin Castle, a famous tourist attraction. Going inside on a tour will cost you money, but you are free to sit outside the castle to admire it’s view. Since it’s right by where I take classes, I take my lunch there and eat outside when it’s not too cold. The National Museum of Ireland is definitely worth the visit. Admission is free. This museum has taught me a lot about Irish culture and history. There are exhibits on all types of different cultures, the museum does not focus just on Ireland. The Trinity College Campus is worth the visit. Though you have to pay to get into the famous Book of Kells library, it is free to walk around and enjoy the Hogwarts-like campus.