Korea’s Natural Spa

During the Hanyang University Summer School, you get to choose up to three activities for free and one of the most popular activities to do is the mud festival. You can choose to go the mud festival one of two days (or both days if you really want to) and it’s a good way to get a trip to the beach as well.

Being three hours away, the school provides transportation to and from the beach town of Boryeong, and it’s known for being the best festival in Korea, alongside with its title of “Global Festival”. The mud found in Boryeong is comparable to that found in the Dead Sea. The festival sells sixteen different mud cosmetic products for purchase, which can make great gifts for your friends and family.

The school provides you with a bag, towel, lunch and dinner, and a cell phone case to protect your phone from the mud and water. After the three-hour bus ride and one rest stop, they collect all your bags and store it for you, so you can grab it whenever you like, and you can enjoy the festival hands-free. As the mud festival is on the beach, bringing a swimsuit is recommended so you can swim some of the mud off when you’re done. There’s also shower facilities for when you’re completely done for the day.

The festival has plenty of activities for you to watch or partake in. There are regular slides, but there also obstacle courses, games, and wrestling. You have to take your shoes off before walking into the festival, (as many places in Korea) and leave them in the front.

There’s a really long obstacle course surrounding the entirety of the festival, and there’s also one floating in the ocean. The tide is really strong and rises very quickly at the beach, so it’s important to be careful and swim in groups.

If you do get hungry in between lunch and dinner, it is so easy to find street food, and there’s so many different options (you can even try silkworms). There are also little stalls that sell jewelry, ceramics, and different gifts you can only get in the beach town.

The last thing I would say about the mud festival is to be extra careful if you use corrective lenses or glasses. Most of my friends and myself got mud in our contacts lenses, and they all had to be thrown out. Wearing glasses is your safer bet, even though they’ll get dirty, just be careful to not break or lose them.

Overall, the mud festival is a really great experience if you’re in Korea, and a great way to get out of the city (and a beach trip!)

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