Calm Weekend Adventures

Studying abroad, especially only for a month, can seem as though there is a constant feeling of being on the move. It may seem as if you are either studying and doing homework, socializing with the other students, or exploring different parts of Ireland on one of the planned program excursions. Although it is good to be on the go, sometimes it’s best to take a relax by visiting calm places in the Cork area so that you can still feed the urge to explore but in a reserved way. Here are the 3 things I’ve done during my lazy weekend in Cork.

Creating a calm atmosphere doesn’t necessarily mean stop exploring the city, but rather go visit a museum or art gallery. There is an art gallery named Crawford Art Gallery in the city of Cork that displays both historic and contemporary art. Going to an art gallery is helpful with learning the history of Cork in an artistic way and can inspire those who go to visit. This art gallery also has free entry and tours on the weekends which also makes it cost efficient for a study abroad university student. Although the tours are informative, they feel rushed and force you to move when the group moves which limits how much time you have to absorb the art.

Another option for a lazy weekend outside of the dorm could be a tour on the city bus. The tour bus allows you to view many different historic sites around the city. Although you will have to move in a group and have to stay with the time frame the tour guide gives, you can still see many sights within a few hours. As it is a double decker bus you can also sit on the top of the bus throughout the tour to see both each destination and the sights along the way to the destinations.

This last option may seem basic, but it’s quite relaxing. Go sit in a park. Fitzgerald Park is a 10-minute walk from the University College Cork campus, and it has quite the view. Finishing assignments and readings for class can seem boring, but sometimes a different environment is just needed so why not visit the park to complete the assignments? Also, I personally don’t enjoy complete silence when doing homework so sitting in the park is a good balance of not having too much noise and not being in complete silence.

Although it may not feel productive or adventurous, it is still important to take care of yourself and to take a break occasionally, so that you don’t wear yourself out and can stay healthy for both later excursions and school.

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