Completing my London Bucket List

As my term at London is soon to come to an end, I find myself rushing to complete my bucket list of things to do in this amazing city. 

I went to the famous Tate Modern (a modern and contemporary art museum). Honestly, I have never been a fan of modern art but this museum was still interesting to visit. 

My entire time in London I haven’t had a proper dinner, so I went to the famous Dishoom, an Indian restaurant with many locations around London. I highly recommend Dishoom. London is known for its Indian food, and it did not disappoint me and my friends. A must do when visiting London is going to Nando’s, a Afro-Portugese inspired food chain. 

I finally went to Borough Market, one of the largest and oldest food markets in London. Walking through the market is very interesting. You’re surrounded by a variety of aromas and scents of burgers, fish, desserts, and drinks. Shakespeare’s Globe, a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre where Shakespeare originally wrote his plays, is right by here.

The Eye

I walked and shopped around in Notting Hill. I absolutely loved the area of Notting Hill. There are so many interesting antique shops and jewelry boutiques. Thrift shops are scattered throughout the area and alongside the roads are small markets. Notting Hill is probably my favorite area in London. I love living in South Kensington, but if I were to ever consider living in London I would prefer to move to Notting Hill for it’s lively neighborhood. South Kensington is very posh and a great place to live if you’re wealthy, but it doesn’t suit much to my personal style. 

As an animal lover, I decided to visit the London Aquarium, home to more than five hundred species of fish. Go to see the underwater tunnel to view sharks swimming above you. 

Get a breathtaking view of London by hopping onto The Eye of London, an observation ferris wheel. The pods you enter are big enough to fit a group of people in. 

Shoreditch in London is an artsy town perfect for pub crawls and window shopping. I went to the Book Club restaurant for brunch, a perfect place for bottomless mimosas. Covent Gardens is another great place to go for food and drinks. 

I remember reading the Harry Potter series in elementary school (or primary school, as what English people call it here). I have always been a huge fan of the series and was so excited to see King’s Cross Station and Platform 9 and ¾. The writer, J.K. Rowling lives in South Kensington as well. 

I have one week left in London now and I hope to spend my remaining time here as meaningful as I can!

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