Call me a Londoner!

Summer is a great time to be in this beautiful floral city! The sun is not always out, but when it is it’s an exciting time.

 To begin with, I will tell you what to pack to be well prepared before you arrive in this city. London’s weather is uncertain, even in the summers you may find it to be quite cold (especially during the night). Do carry a light jacket with you, a rain coat and an umbrella! It’s always raining!

There is a lot of walking to do when you are in London. There is so much to explore and you will be using the underground often. This means you will walk up and down many steps and escalators. Make sure you have comfortable footwear. Comfort is the first thing you should think about. You don’t want to have sore feet and feel miserable during your time there.

Carry a tote bag with you! It’s practical and sustainable as well! Plus you don’t want to waste a few pennies in buying a plastic bag when you shop in any store, only to throw it away.

A multipurpose adapter is very important to charge your US devices easily.

South Kensington is London’s most Regal Neighborhood. The area is so elegant with exclusive places, beautiful gardens such as Hyde park and Kensington gardens and museums which have free entrance. You’ll find some of the best restaurants in this area!

Regal Neighborhood

My assigned dorm was Manson Place. The location is great. It’s only a 7-10 minute walk to FIE. Luckily my apartment was on the ground floor and I didn’t have to climb so many steep steps! Phew.

Upon arrival I found out that my roommate in London was the same girl I was roommates with in Paris. We had grown so close to each other so it was awesome to have her as my roommate again! If you want to be roommates with someone, send them an email. They don’t necessarily give you roommate details before hand but they do accommodate your request!

I was excited to find out she was my roommate AGAIN!

The only problem was that here we didn’t have central AC or a fan. I felt quite claustrophobic. My roommate and I decided to get ourselves a small stand fan. This was very helpful, especially during the heat wave in London.

Don’t purchase tickets to famous sites such as the London Eye and Tower of London independently. During welcome weekend, the school provides you with discounted tickets to the sites as well as other fun activities such as a comedy show! Try out a theatre experience, you’ll love it!

This was my first week in London and already amazing so far! 🙂

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