Mind the Gap!

Here are some tips about the underground and everything else you need to know about getting around in London as well as three of my favorite markets in the city! They are a must go!

FIE provides students with an oyster card and the rides are free. I didn’t know this in the beginning and topped up my card. FIE didn’t inform me about this as I collected my welcome package, but one of my friends told me about this. Thankfully I didn’t top up a lot. You simply tap in and out on the turnstile and you’re good to go.

The catch is that if you want to use the national rail, you have to top it up. The Underground runs till 12am on weekdays and till 2am during the weekends.

The gap between the platform and the train is quite big. I was afraid of losing my phone there. I generally kept all my belongings in a cross body bag to avoid loss and theft in the underground. So, remember to MIND THE GAP!

Santander Bikes

Another way to get around is through using a Santander bike. You have to purchase a code for 2 Euros. This pass allows 24-hour access to the bikes. Every 30-minute ride is free. There after you are charged per extra 30 minutes. But there are docks everywhere so you can dock in and out very easily. Every time you want to dock out a new bike, use your same bank card and print a new code from the machine. You won’t be charged extra!

London is easy to navigate on a bus as well. Also, try the riverboat service. You can use your oyster card here and the view is scenic! Whatever mode you choose to move around, download Citymapper app. It’s up to date and very efficient.

Three of my favorite food markets were Borough Market, Camden Market and Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill.

At Borough Market you will find a variety of 70 different stalls selling fresh produce and cooked meals from the UK and outside of the UK. You can taste food samples as well. Try out the amazing olives and cheeses as you walk by. Grab a fresh juice as you look around. I had their freshly made pasta which was heavenly!

Camden Market has incredible variety as well.There is food as well as vintage clothing and fun souvenir shops. Take a boat here from Little Venice of London.

Portobello Market has a lot of antique clothing and jewelry as well as a widespread of food! Go on a Sunday to find many different stalls that sell clothes, art, food etc. In Notting Hill, you can also see the pretty pastel houses!