Don’t be a Tourist, be an Explorer.

Once you have made your study schedule, plan out your explorations. If it’s your first time and you wish to do the tourists activities, go for it! Once you have them all covered, really explore the city like a local!

Afternoon tea the British way!

One of best things I did was go on an afternoon tea. It was part of Food, Society and Culture class tour. Together we went to a high end restaurant called Royal Gardens in High Street Kensington (a fun street full of shops and eateries). I wanted to have my afternoon tea the typical British way and immerse myself into the experience, hence I bought myself a cute little British hat that everyone loved! It was quite an experience. If you are not enrolled in the food class, make sure you go to high tea with your friends. There’s plenty of afternoon teas in cafes and restaurants. Some may be very pricey but you can also find affordable yet cute ones.

Samira Mian’s art workshop

As an artist another thing I really wanted to do was attend an art workshop hosted by Samira Mian. She creates Islamic geometric patterns and I had been following her for a long time on Instagram. I was so excited to attend her class and learn from the best! So if you have any side interests like these, pursue it while you are there!

My roommate and I went on fun adventures together to the Mayfield Lavender Farm and spent a day in Cambridge! The Lavender Farm was not far from the city but when we arrived we were quite disappointed to find out that all the flowers were dead and summer time is not the right season. The entry ticket was only 2 euros but we wish we got to experience it properly.

Our day in Cambridge was relaxing. It’s a very pretty town and if you go to Cambridge you must do punting! It’s a very fun activity. We went on a college tour and saw all the famous schools in Cambridge. We also went to a local flea market and had delicious foods there.

One time we went out to see London by night! We were disappointed again. The Big Ben is under construction till 2020 and the area was very dull at night. The London Eye was glowing but there weren’t many people around at the time. However, I was impressed by was the Tower of London. We walked the bridge and along the south bank. The views were wonderful.

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