Lion’s Rock gone wrong

The two of us were lost in the middle of nowhere. Even though we had little food and water in our bags we were not worried. Mostly because we still had Wifi… My friend pulled out the trail map and saw that we had been traveling off course for a while. Thankfully, the trail path was pretty close by. The only problem now is we had to figure out the exact altitude of the trail path, since following the water path had taken as quite far up. Thus, we began our adventure to find a way out of the jungle!

We started heading towards the trail by cutting through many branches and stepping on lots of bushes. After multiple scratches and slingshot branches falling on our faces, we finally heard some people’s voices. It meant we were getting close. When we finally rediscovered the trail, we realized that we were standing about 10 feet below the path. There was no place for us to climb since there was thick greenery all around us. The only way out was a 10-feet tall boulder that appeared to be leading us closer to the level of the path. As we had no more options left, we decided to climb that boulder. At first, we were a bit worried cause we hadn’t brought any climbing gear (obviously), but we decided to climb, nonetheless. We spotted a nice footing on the rock and after performing some twists and turns here and there we were able to ascend! Then we saw the trail path and we were glad to be out of the jungle once again. Another couple of hikers were standing there admiring the view. It was a beautiful view! But we hadn’t reached lion’s rock yet. We still had about half an hour of hiking left, since we had gone off track for quite some time.

The rest of the hike went pretty smooth. In fact, we saw many elderly people climbing the steep rock-like staircases and we were quite impressed. At last, we reached lion’s rock and took some quite awesome pics! The view up there was breathtaking because you could see both Kowloon island as well as Hong Kong island at the back. There was a mild mist surrounding the hill which made for an even better view. On our way back, we decided to try out Hong Kong McDonalds for food. It turns out the food was quite tasty even though I had never tried it before. If you ever need a quick and cheap meal in Hong Kong it should work for you.

Foggy view from the top of Lion’s Rock
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