Highly Recommend

Thankfully, I have been able to accomplish a lot while in Australia. I was able to have an open school schedule, and since I stayed on top of my work, I was able to travel around a bit.

A lot of the friends and people I’ve met have been through my travel experiences. I had the privilege of meeting international people on tours and learning about where they came from, while also meeting natives to Australia and they have been able to further show me around.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite experiences since I’ve been in Australia:

  • Whitsundays; by far the best trip of my life. I actually won this trip in a raffle and got to sail around whitsundays for 3 days. I got to see the most beautiful white sand beach and crystal blue waters, while also snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and meeting a bunch of cool people.
  • Attend and aboriginal festival/event; this was a favorite of mine since it is something I would not be able to experience anywhere else. I got to learn about Australia’s aboriginal peoples cultures and learn some of the traditional dances they do for different cultural activities. I also got to see the different tools and instruments they made out of clay. This helped me learn how they constantly utilized the environment they were living in.
  • Fraser Island; the largest sand island in the world. It was beautiful to 4wd on it and get to see dingos, as well as some of the oldest trees and rainforests in the world. Lake Mckenzie is a must see on Fraser Island, with the clear blue fresh drinkable water and the sand can be used for exfoliation.
  • Blue Mountains; the massive mountain ranges contained numerous treks for anyone’s capabilities. All the treks lead to beautiful views and waterfalls. There are also a lot of small, cute historical towns at the end of the treks, which are cool to explore

I think everyone should get to experience and see these locations at least once in their life. If you have the chance, not only travel within Australia, try to go around to different regions in the area because who knows when you’ll be on this side of the world again. New Zealand is a good option outside Australia, I just went and it was amazing.


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