Good bye Hong Kong

Many apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this. It got just a wee bit crazy that week, and I am just now catching up on items. I don’t want to censor what he has written because I believe it to be a pretty fair and balanced description of his experience, but I would like a little statement included at the start of the posting as follows:

I hope that throughout this blog I have managed to persuade you that Hong Kong is a worthwhile place to visit. Its warm climate and multiple tourist attractions make it a wonderful destination for people with all kinds of interests. From hiking some of the most well-preserved natural trails to swimming at crystal-blue waters, Hong Kong has something for everyone. It is quite unique to find a city that is so densely populated that also allows for so many chances to escape and experience nature at its best. The subway system (MTR) is by far on of the most important features of the city as it connects every attraction and all the important locations. You are most likely never going to have to take a cab (or uber), as MTR and buses can take you almost anywhere.

The city is extremely safe and you will find it unlikely to ever be walking alone, as the city is thriving with life almost all day long. The Western influence is obvious at many parts of the city and you will see all sorts of people walking around you. If you are interested in business, Hong Kong is the ideal place for you to get connected with all sorts of big businesses. There is a reason they call the city the “New York of Asia”. The city also has a wonderful location as it allows you to travel to many other Asian nations for a relatively cheap price.

Furthermore, the food is some of the best that you can find in Asia. You can find multiple Korean, Japanese, Indian and of course Chinese restaurants all over. Hong Kong dim sum are outrageously delicious, and you will probably not find them in many other places in the world. Unfortunately, it can get extremely humid during the summer, but you should be very comfortable for most of the rest of the year. I stayed there till late November and I never had to wear anything warmer than a T-shirt and shorts!

Hong Kong is going through a rough time right now with all the protests going on, but hopefully once the trouble is over you will be able to visit the city and experience it at its very best! If you are like me and have never lived in an Asian country before then I believe that Hong Kong is the ideal destination for you. Most of the locals here can speak English quite well and thus you are given the opportunity to more easily transition into Asian culture.

Hong Kong at night!
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