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Sydney is similar to many cities. It contains the big buildings, the numerous tourist attractions, museums, and an abundance of food options. Although small, it is a growing city that many should visit.

What makes Sydney different from other big cities are the people. I’m originally from New York and city people often have a city mindset. They are constantly in a rush, they hate when there is a bunch of tourists around, and they never appreciate the wonderful buildings or landscapes around them. Philadelphia is slightly different in the fact that individuals try to appreciate the things around them. However, Sydney-siders are some of the most laid back, relaxed people I’ve seen and met in this city atmosphere.

Many workers enjoy their jobs here, therefore, constantly making an effort and improving the craft they are doing. For instance, back home Starbucks is a big thing, but most of those employees do not put effort or appreciate the drinks they are making, they just follow what a sheet says. In Sydney, each barista sees it as a craft, in order to obtain a barista position, one needs certificates and training. I personally believe this training and passion for what they do is why Australian coffee shops are so good.

Not only are they passionate about what they do, they love the appreciate the city they live in. Almost all companies in Sydney have tried to develop eco-friendly ways to serve and produce their goods.

People are also easy to approach. Most individuals you encounter are willing to help if you are looking for some directions. Rarely do you see people that wake up in the morning looking unhappy and stay unhappy most of their day. Bus drivers, who back at home are constantly angry or unhappy about someone, often time do not look approachable, but in Sydney you can simply ask your question and they will provide detailed directions, not just a few words.

Seeing everyday Australians constantly striving to be their best and enjoying it, has made me considered potentially working in Australia. I think the environment in which you work can severely impact your mood and overall perception of a job. Everyone should strive for a job that they are actually passionate about, not just because it may be the easiest or best paying job to get. The happiest people in life are able to enjoy each aspect of their life, even with the flaws.



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