Visit to Japan

Pictured above is the Port Tower in Kobe, Japan. I was able to visit Japan for around a week before my study abroad in Singapore and it was an absolutely amazing time! Although the weather is similar to America with freezing winds, Japan is still a popular destination during this time of year. I was surprised to see groups of tourists everywhere in Tokyo and Osaka. My favorite part to visit was Kobe for sure because it wasn’t as crowded as other spots in Japan and there was still lots to see! There is an Earthquake Museum, Chinatown, and more importantly…. the home of Kobe beef.

Kobe beef is widely regarded as the best beef in the world and I wanted to try some. There were so many restaurants to explore in the city but they were all really expensive. I obviously couldn’t afford to really try an actual piece of steak and had to settle for a burger. The burger wasn’t really expensive at all and was around $15. For comparison, the steaks were around $200-300. I’m certainly not going to spend that much on beef no matter where it came from!!! #brokecollegestudentlife The burger had some beef in it and it was just good to try because I had never experienced it before. It was very tender and flavorful! I also got to try some ramen in Japan that was very famous and it was quite delicious! The line was quite long for the shop but it moved very quickly and the warm broth really provided a sweet break from the freezing cold of the streets! Japan has many places that have high-quality food and it really isn’t expensive at all. I just wandered around until I felt a good vibe from the restaurant. If there was a line, I would really pay attention and try to check it out to really try and experience the local Japanese cuisine. I would really recommend going to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe at least once in your lifetime to experience the culture!