Bali Adventures

Since it is Winter Break currently, I decided to travel to Bali for a few days before starting my term abroad in Singapore. Since Bali is in Indonesia, the two countries are very close and I wanted to get a feel for the tropical weather. It is definitely way more humid and rainy over here! Sometimes during the day it would rain just for a few minutes and then the burning sun would be bearing down on me again! There are many beautiful temples and excursions to experience in Bali. In the picture, I went to see Ulun Danu Beratu Temple which is actually on water and looks like it is floating. It is a very popular sight and even more beautiful to experience in person. There were also many smaller temples in the area and a beautiful Botanical Garden which was a popular sight for family picnics. I saw many local families enjoying the nice weather by having a picnic and just enjoying nature! The streets were totally packed with cars and the roads are quite small so sometimes I would feel nervous if my driver would drive onto a one way because there might be an accident.

I would highly recommend traveling to Bali anytime of the year because the temperature is relatively the same all year round! It is also amazing to try local food and the wide variety of fruits available to try. I tried some mangosteen, fresh coconut, pineapple and papaya. They were all really fresh and easy to find! There are so many different types of food so it was really easy to find a nice place to eat. The food is really cheap also because ingredients are all locally caught and fresh. There are many beaches to visit and relax with other friendly tourists! I met many Australians and Swedish people that I had interesting conversations with! I went to many different beach clubs which offered amazing views and was just a great atmosphere to relax with friends by the pool or the beach. I am now leaving Bali and heading to Singapore and can’t wait to start my study abroad experience! Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it soon!!

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