NTU Check-In

So as a continuation of my last post, I had just found the office and received all my items for check-in. In a little plastic bag was a key fob, AC card, mail key, and user guide. The lady at the office explained all the procedures for the Hall and where all the facilities like the washing room and bathroom were. They also have a process where the key fob has to be validated by scanning at a certain station every 7 days which I think is quite annoying because I really don’t get the point. Anyway, I got to my hall and finally figured out how to open the door after a while because even after scanning the key fob, the door has to be turned in order for the lock to release. It was quite the experience in the first few minutes of arriving on campus!

When I finally managed to get into the room and unload my belongings it was around 11 AM. I had signed up for a campus tour for exchange students at 12 PM and I had absolutely no clue how to get to the meeting location. It is very popular to use WhatsApp here and through that I message a friend and managed to have time to get in a quick shower and change before leaving for the tour. So, I meet up with my friend and we headed down to the meeting spot for the tour. By this point, I haven’t really eaten anything since last night and my stomach is growling from the hunger. The tour begins and I’m split off into one of the groups with other exchange students. I immediately began chatting it up because I am very social and like to meet new people. I realized that most people in my group were from Canada and were actually really cool to talk to because they had many relatable things in North American culture. I was also able to meet many Europeans and Australians which was really amazing. The tour was super helpful and I was able to try some of the local food in a canteen and ended up with many new friends! I can feel that this term abroad is going to be a great experience and I can’t wait to share the experience with all of you reading my posts! See ya soon 🙂

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