La Comida de Costa Rica

Buenas! This is one of most exciting blogs to post. Why you may ask? Because it’s all about food. Let’s get started huh? So the cover picture is a burrito I got from a restaurant called Aroma y Sabor and this burrito is singlehandedly one of the best burritos I have ever had. I can’t even explain it’s goodness. And my beverage is a drink called Cas and I have no clue what’s in it, but I’m addicted.

Okay so after five weeks of being here, I feel like I have a decent grasp of what the food scene is generally like. Here, there are a lot of Panaderias. These are basically bakeries, but they heavily focus on pan dulce. That basically means sweet bread and it is VERY addicting. The smell lingers down the streets as I walk to class and I physically have to pull myself away from the windows before I spend literally all my colones on it. That is another point about food here, I feel like meals that I purchase for lunch are slightly cheaper and more filling than meals in Philadelphia. In many restaurants, almost all restaurants, they have a dish called a Casado. It will almost always contain rice, beans, meat (if you want it), salad, vegetable mix and plantain type thing. It’s delicious, simple, and normally around $6-$7 and it will keep you full until dinner or the next meal. I have definitely included a picture of a casado before, but here is another one I got in La Fortuna. I think it’s really cute because the rice is in the shape of a volcano, like the one right near the restaurant. 

Carne con salsa, frijoles, arroz, verduras mezclas, y plantanos.

Additionally, I have consumed plantains in various methods. In the United States, I never would try plantains; I don’t like bananas too much, so why would I want to try something similar? WELL. That Pataconería place I mentioned in a previous blog has fantastic patacones. Patacones are slightly bland, but I kind of like the plainness paired with the avocado sauce and whatever other toppings I get. Here is the latest Patacones I bought.

Patacones hawaianos (con jamón, queso, y pina) (ham, cheese and pineapple)

I have also recently found a strong love for arepas which is just like a doughy bread thing with toppings. I normally just get cheese, but with cheese and beans and/or ham it is delectable! So good! Here’s my cheese one! 

Arepa con queso

In Costa Rica, I thought I would face some seriously spicy food, but it seems as though the people of Costa Rica do not like spicy food, which works for me. However, that leaves some of the food kind of lacking in spices. That leaves some room for some additional seasoning when necessary and I prefer to use this salsa because it is absolute heaven. 

Fantastic salsa!

Lastly, sometimes, you just crave a burger, or fries, or pizza. Don’t worry, Costa Rica (especially San Jose) has a plethora of fast food options so when I am kind of missing some good old McDonald’s, I can always find some. Also, Mcdonald’s ice cream machine is never broken here AND the ice cream is honestly some of the best I ever had for like $1.50. 

A great burger I got when I was craving one (not McDonald’s though)

Okay guys, that’s all for now! But I will be including a few more food posts later maybe? Adios for now!