Korean Cafes I’ve Enjoyed Pt. 2

And the quest to continue finding interesting cafes continues!! As I am nearing the 2 month mark of me being in Korea I feel as if I’ve been to so many cafes regularly during the week that their qualities are starting to meld together and the initial shock of having an abundance of great cafes is starting to fade. Nevertheless, there are some that still stand out! In no particular order:

1. Thanks Nature Sheep Café

Sheep!! There are sheep here that you can pet!!

I came to the Thanks Nature café, which is in Hongdae (there are really an endless amount of perks to living in Hongdae), on a quiet weekday morning. We were the only party in the café and it was very calm, it seemed as if the staff had only just began to open for business. The decorations were very bright and colorful and the aesthetic was very treehouse-y. The waffles were very good, I would recommend any plate. Although I had lunch prior, I ordered a plate of several waffles and finished it all by myself. After you order something off the menu, you are welcome to wash your hands at the sink that is conveniently situated in the corner of the café so that you can go outside and pet the sheep!! These were the whitest sheep I’ve ever seen in my life. They were extremely well-groomed and soft. They didn’t like us too much so they retreated to their little pen, but the few pets I got in was so worth it!

1. The Big Banana

This café is also in Hongdae and is underground for the most part (Honestly Seoul makes very good use of all available space)! The ambience in here was really great, one day I would like to go back and study. I don’t know if it’s because it there was no one else in there but the place felt very cozy and there was something comforting about the mismatched furniture and decorations. It was almost as if it was mimicking a teenager’s bedroom, with random notes on the wall and Lego figures glued to the ceiling included. Also, this place had the best bubble tea I’ve had in Korea so far. When it was handed off to me as well it was the PERFECT drinking temperature. I look forward to going back!!

3. Dinga Cake House

I think this may have been my favorite café so far. Actually that’s a lie, I immediately thought of another one I liked more ha. If anything, I really liked the cake here, like I can’t stop thinking about it somedays. Not only does the cake look great, but it tastes great; the earl grey is 10/10. It’s a cake house for a reason at the end of the day. The aesthetic is 50s America….I think. This one is also in Hongdae (I’m sorry there’s not much variety here), and I actually went back to it the other night to have a late dessert, but I was thoroughly disappointed to find out it was closed for the day due to some type of filming that was taking place. I will get back one day!!

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