Hong Kong University Residential Halls

Hong Kong University has many student halls and residential colleges. There are three different villages with different dorm halls. I am living in Jockey Club Student Village III, which is a residential college. A residential college is a living space for students from a university who also participates in community activities. There are four other Jockey Club Student Village III colleges, and I currently live in Chi Sun College. Their other colleges are called Shun Hing, Lap-Chee, and New College. Each dormitory hall has its student-run clubs. Within my student hall, I am participating in volleyball, dragon boat, and mahjong. I learned how to play volleyball for the first time, and I can play for fun instead of competitively. While being in this club, I got the opportunity to meet different students who are either local or exchange students. I find it incredible that I could bond over a common interest in a new country I am studying in.

Having student clubs in residential colleges helps build the community and have students interact with each other. More clubs may suit anyone’s interest, such as dance, badminton, and art club. If students do not find interest in the current clubs, they can start a new club together. While talking to local students in my dorm hall, most have told me that if they want to continue to stay in Chi Sun College, they need to participate in a club. I see the value in participating in these clubs because it would build more bonds in the community and bring people together. What is unique about these residential halls is, each building consists of local students, exchange students, and Ph.D. students. Having different kinds of students on each floor makes it possible for students to share something new. I can share with my floor-mates about my culture and learn more about their culture.

Volleyball Club

Kennedy Town is where my residential hall is, which is not within Hong Kong University. Kennedy Town is one train stop away from HKU station and is not a long commute. Although it may seem like a hassle to take the train to class every day, I can explore a town on Hong Kong Island. I have the convenience of being close to many local Hong Kong restaurants and parks. Hong Kong University gives students an experience of exploring life outside the campus and building a community with each other.

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