Week 4: The One Where I Felt a Little Under the Weather 

Let’s get real here- we can’t be feeling our best selves everyday, every second. I can glorify my life here and talk about all the fun and interesting thing I did this week. But instead, I am going to talk about what  a mess I was and also what I did to change it. 

The week started out fine but with time, it started to go downhill. It might be because there was little to no sun this entire week, or maybe I started to compare myself with others and all the wonderful places they were visiting but I wasn’t and all the fun things they were doing but I felt I didn’t have the energy to do the same.  For instance, after my class on Tuesday, I heard a bunch of girls leaving for Greece on the weekend. I started to think I wish I had the resources and opportunities to do the same- but I am going to be honest, it’s just not possible for me plan these trips to a different country, catch a flight, and go. Moreover, being an international student in the US and UK, there are quite additional requirements that you need to fulfill like applying for a Schengen visa.

Being sad about the this fact,  I sat in my room for 10 minutes. But eventually I told myself that I am going to change that. So I got up, got dressed, took the tube and went to Camden market. Let me tell you, I was thankful to myself that I did so. I instantly felt better. Camden market is a place where there are numerous food stalls, clothes shop, jewelry shops, etc etc- you name it. Seeing so many people just walk around with huge shopping bags gave me a rush a serotonin for some reason. I visited numerous stalls, clicked a lot of pictures, did some shopping. When I got back home, my bank account wasn’t very happy but I was. I even had the energy to have a workout after that and I did.

So my point is, it is important to acknowledge how you feel cause you won’t be feeling your best self everyday – you have to take steps to make it better on few days. 

I didn’t stop here, the next day I visited the Saatchi Art Gallery. To be honest, this is something I wouldn’t have done voluntarily cause I am not very passionate or interested about art. But again, I was glad I went there. I am glad I tried something new and I really enjoyed it. 

Saatchi Art Gallery

In conclusion, I would want to say: take care of yourself. You are alone in this country and there is no one to but yourself to take care of your body and more importantly your mind. Figure out things which makes you happy- for me it was just getting out of my room, talking to a friend, or getting coffee from my favorite place. Doing things out of your comfort zone can be interesting too. I didn’t know that I find art galleries interesting and fascinating until I visited one.

Advice for week 4: Get out of your comfort zone and take care of your mind cause that’s important. 

A Message from the Office of Global Engagement:

The safety and security of Drexel students is a priority for the University. As part of the efforts to support Drexel students that are studying abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Global Engagement has conducted a rigorous review of programming and provided additional support to participating students with customized pre-departure orientations and regular check-ins during the required self-isolation period and the term.