Week 5: The One Where I Spoke to Louise 

With only 2 weeks remaining of the course, all my professors are wrapping up their classes. That basically means I have been dealing with a lot of tests and assignments- but amidst all of those, this week too, had its peak moments:

For my Principles of Management class, we went for paint balling as our field trip. I would say I was terrified initially because all the people I had spoken to about it, they said it’s a painful sport. But let me tell you, it was indeed painful but it was entirely worth it. For anyone who hasn’t tried paint balling – go do it. You have been missing out.

Mayhem Paint Balling Site

Other than that, I wanted to stay inside for the weekend because this week was heavy in terms of academics and I know next week is going to be too. And as I have always mentioned, you need to find a balance. So these two weeks is where I stay in and focus on my academics.

The highlight of my week was Thursday evening. I wanted a break from classes and needed a change of view and so I went out for a walk. When I came back to my residence hall, Metrogate House, I saw the same guy working at the front office who has been there for the last five weeks I have been here. I thought to m myself that it wouldn’t hurt to say hi or hello.

Let me give you a heads up- that one second “hello” turned into a conversation for two hours.This is exactly what I have been saying since first week, just talk to that stranger – who knows, it can turn into a great conversation.

I got to know his name was Louise and he is the type of guy who is full of surprises. Not only did I get to know a lot about him, he gave me a full list of places I should visit before I leave. I also mentioned that I have been feeling homesick lately, and he was kind enough to talk about the various Indian restaurants with great food in case I was missing home meals. He also mentioned how most of his friends are Indian and spoke about all the different places he went with them which highlights Bollywood culture.

After our conversation, I genuinely felt less homesick and moreover, now I have an entire list of places I must visit in London.

The quality in people which I really admire is how global they are. Louise might be British and he has been here his entire life, but he is still aware of the different cultures- their food, their music, their lifestyle etc.

In conclusion, I would want to say that I am really glad I had a conversation with Louise cause I felt culturally appreciated and he recommended great places. 

A Message from the Office of Global Engagement:

The safety and security of Drexel students is a priority for the University. As part of the efforts to support Drexel students that are studying abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Global Engagement has conducted a rigorous review of programming and provided additional support to participating students with customized pre-departure orientations and regular check-ins during the required self-isolation period and the term.

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