Hiking Adventures in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for its hikes because there are very tall hills and peaks with amazing views. The two hikes I have been on while in Hong Kong are Victoria Peak and Sunset Peak. Victoria Peak is a well-known peak for tourists because it is the highest hill on Hong Kong Island. There are different ways to get to the top of Victoria Peak, such as the tram, taxi, or walking. My friends and I decided to start the hike from Hong Kong University because a path led us to the top. The trail does not make it much of a hike because a flat road creates the way. It was enjoyable to walk with my friends because there is a view of the city or another island. There are also restrooms and a playground halfway through. Once we reached the top after an hour, there was a shopping center. This center promotes tourism because people can shop, eat, and sightsee. My friends and I walked to the top of the shopping center to take pictures of the skyscraper views. We chose to take a bus down to the city because it was dark outside.

My friends and I on top of the Peak Galleria
The view from Victoria Peak

Another hike I have gone on is at Sunset Peak. This hiking trail is in Lantau Island, and I had to the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) twice to the other island. After that, my friend and I took a bus that stopped directly at the start of the trail. Before going on this hike, I knew it would be best to pack a big bottle of water, some sandwiches, and sunscreen because it would be a long hike with no shops at the top. This hike is very popular for the silver grass field. We decided to go around this time when the silver grass turns golden. Eventually, we encounter a whole lot of silver grass and see many people taking pictures. The hike took around two to three hours to complete because we could take so many paths with no direction. Whichever way we take has a beautiful view of the ocean and other islands. I enjoyed this hike compared to Victoria Peak because there was only nature all around us. After reaching the top, our only options were to walk back down from where we started or go down on the other side of the hill. Even though it was more challenging when climbing on different elevated rocks and land, the views were breathtaking, which I wish everyone could see in real life.

The silver grass field
The view from Sunset Peak

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