Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22

Today it day 89 of 90. No residence permits means I’ll be living illegally in Germany starting in 2 days. I really hope nothing it wrong with my documents. And…good news! I won’t be needing a physical residence permit- instead it is a piece of paper that indicates that I have left Germany on December 23. I return home thinking, all is well, right? Then I remember that I have to pay for my tuition as I return back to Drexel. Without the Gilman scholarship, it would be difficult and painful to look at my bank account, and I wouldn’t be able to travel without the feat of running into constant financial issues!

November 23

Even though I buy fruits, if there is one food I miss from being in Philadelphia, it’s the fruit smoothies! I won’t lie, the apples here are very crisp and juicy, but buying fruit salads and smoothies? I miss my friends. I hope everything is going well back in the U.S.. What about Germany? Why, I love how many sellers are friendly! Like the Ayran drink from way back, I recently got some free orange juice and fortune cookies! Speaking of fruits again, I decided to buy some fresh fruit salad from a seller during one of the weekly market days. He was very friendly!

November 24

Presentation day! And there goes my internet.

November 25

I haven’t gone to the Mensa for all of November, or none that I recall. I thought I might get a quick meal while I was there, but as I walked to the Mensa, I saw trash everywhere. There’s an option to take your meals with you in a disposable container if you don’t want to eat inside. I felt frustrated seeing the mess. How could someone think it’s okay to let someone clean up after them? There’s trashcans! Use them! If it’s full? Then go find another trashcan! I am screaming in my head, just why?! It’s not hard to clean up after yourself!

But enough of the tangent. It’s Thanksgiving, the season of gratefulness and sharing delicious food, at least that’s in my dictionary. I enjoyed a pleasant evening with two other friends! Although the meal wasn’t big, it was enough to fill us. And my family? They sent me pictures of their celebration. Ah, how much I miss eating with the family! I can’t wait to tell them stories, if they aren’t reading this blog!

November 26

One thing I feel grateful for at the university are the active student organization. I’m glad to be a part of INFINITY Mannheim, to actually participate and bringing ideas to life. I unfortunately never had that many opportunities for clubs and organizations back home other than high school. And guess what? The German club is active again! While I’m abroad! And online events happen at midnight when I’m asleep!

Do you remember when I talked about the stars in Germany? How I was sad to see so little stars? At first I didn’t recognize the smog in the air, but as I return home one late evening, I could easily see white smoke stacks contrasting the dark blue-purple sky. So those weren’t clouds that I was staring at!

Image by INFINITY Mannheim

A Message from the Office of Global Engagement:

The safety and security of Drexel students is a priority for the University. As part of the efforts to support Drexel students that are studying abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Global Engagement has conducted a rigorous review of programming and provided additional support to participating students with customized pre-departure orientations and regular check-ins during the required self-isolation period and the term.