5 Best New Foods I’ve Tried Abroad!

I would personally call myself a foodie. I enjoy eating pretty much anything and there aren’t many foods that I dislike. Though there are many dishes that I’ve tried throughout my life, there is an unlimited number of dishes and cuisines that I have yet to try. During my time abroad, I have tried some really delicious foods that I hadn’t tried before. So here is a list of five new foods I’ve tried that I really liked!

First is escargot (or snails) with a pesto sauce and other spices. I have tried escargot in Chinese cuisine before but never like this. France is well-known for their snails so I couldn’t not try it while in Paris, and it didn’t disappoint! It was very flavorful and not dry at all, and the pesto really complimented the flavor. From the restaurant Au Dernier Metro: 8/10!

Second is a fusion between Korean food and Mexican food; they call it the Korean taco, from the restaurant IDAM. This was one of my favorite new dishes I tried, it was bulgogi beef with some veggies like arugula, tomato, etc. It was very delicious, especially because I already like bulgogi and it never occurred me that it would be in a taco form. 9.4/10!

Third is another Asian food in Paris: chicken bento box from the restaurant 4m2. This was the most hyped dish I’ve ever had; we waited 4 HOURS!! In line for this box. Was it worth waiting 4 hours in the scorching sun for it? Maybe not. But I would wait up to 2 hours for it again. This whole box was absolutely delicious and the reason why this little window-shop is so sought-after is because everything is homemade, and freshly made right in front of you, by 1 lady who opens one day per week for 3-4 hours only. 9.8/10!

Fourth is one that slightly hits home: a Peruvian arepa. This surprised me as I had never seen this fusion before. I would’ve thought it was a Venezuelan or Colombian stand but they marketed them as Peruvian, so I obviously had to try it. It was surprisingly good, and the ladies working at the stand in Portobello Market were so sweet! 7.5/10!

Last but least is yet another ‘remix’ on a dish I really enjoy: shakshuka… but an “Arabic” shakshuka, from a restaurant called Loka. As a shakshuka lover, this one really intrigued me when I saw it on the menu: it is a regular shakshuka but with olives and feta cheese. Really yummy and a great brunch dish, 8/10!

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