What to Do While in London?

After spending two months in London and having the pleasure of exploring as much as I can in that time I am going to tell you some of the things you MUST do while you are there.

1. South Bank

If it is your first time visiting London, you have to get the tourist spots out the way as fast as possible to make the most of your trip. And the best place to get most done all in one spot is at the South Bank. There are lots to do while you are there, for one it is the one of the best spots to take photos of both the London Eye and Big Ben. And while you are done you can either enjoy the restaurants or local food trucks, the carnival rides, visit the SouthBank Centre, or go see the view of London while on the London Eye. I did not have the time to actually go on it. But I heard from others that while it is important to see, the money they paid to go on it and the long line was not worth it. But don’t let others discourage you from going on it. So if you ever get a chance to go on the London Eye let me know if it was worth it for you?

2. Oxford Street

If you love to shop as much as I do, Oxford Street is one of the best streets to get all your shopping needs with over hundreds of shops up and down the street ranging from convenience stores, from boutiques to luxury stores, and many many restaurants to choose from. I had the pleasure of having school across the street from Oxford Street. There were so many days where I would just leave class and go shopping when I should be saving money. Go visit Liberty in the are if you are into fashion especially high-end fashion.

3. Kensington

I may be a little biased since I was able to live in Kensington for the past two months but Kensington is truly a beautiful area. You should go visit Hyde Park which is this huge park filled with gardens, ponds and beautiful swans and ducklings. Go visit Kensington Gardens, Princess Diana’s Memorial, and so much more. It may take you around 2 hours just to get around and see the whole park.

4. The Palaces

And finally you should visit all the palaces. What’s the point going to England if you do not go and visit all of the historical palaces? Every time I seen a palace on my visits I just kept thinking this is where Bridgeton was shot at, even though I know it wasn’t at this particular palace. Go visit the Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace and so many others in London. They are truly amazing pieces of architecture that hold so much history.

These are just a few things you should do in London. While it would be fun to just visit all of the tourist spots and then be done but you will be missing the most amazing parts of the city that are filled with so much culture and history. Go into the local parts into London, go to the beach, visit museums (they are FREE), go travel on the tube and the bus and chat with the locals. You will see how amazing this city is once you do that.

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