Seeing a Shakespeare Show in London

For my British Life and Visual Media course, we took a trip to the Shakespeare Globe Theater and saw Henry VIII! Seeing this show was a great experience of seeing showcasing British culture. My classmates and I arrived early to make sure we got a good spot. The globe theater is made up of sitting and standing areas and in order to be in front of the center stage, you must stand. But in my opinion, the best tickets are the cheapest where you stand in the middle below the stage and face the performance. Luckily it didn’t rain unless we would get wet as the show progressed. Yes, it became a little stiff-legged by the end, but it was such an amazing show. There were many moments when an actor would interact with us in the crowd which was super entertaining. What’s quite interesting is that the theater has an open roof and the performers only project because there are no microphones.

As someone who had to learn Shakespeare in high school, I believe that learning William Shakespeare is a globally collective experience. Whether you are a native English speaker or not, understanding the complex meanings and concepts would be considered an important part of the Shakespeare experience. And although most students are made aware by their teachers that his influence is unmatched, the effect that William Shakespeare has had on the English language is far larger than we think. 

For Shakespeare to be an English poet and playwright that’s widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language, British culture has every right to claim him and showcase his work. The behavior of Britain seems to have a reoccurring sense of their cultural contribution to the world. Without a doubt, he’s considered a wonder of the world and for the UK to say he was a product of their land is a big deal.

I know that the Shakespeare Globe does a lot of shows and the tickets are quite affordable, so it’s a must-do when studying abroad in London. It’s also great for anymore who wants to indulge in history and the legacy of William Shakespeare!

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