A Day in the Life of a Jacobs University student in Bremen

I’m sitting on a train to Amsterdam, writing this week’s vlog. The weather is now very nice, sunny but still cold, and it’s finally that time of year when you start wearing coats, scarves, and beanies. While you reader may believe that I constantly travel, which is correct, I still spend a significant amount of time in Bremen and on the Jacobs campus with my friends. Those days are ordinary, yet I appreciate them just as much as exploring new cities. So today’s vlog is about enjoying the simple things in life and what my daily life at Jacobs University looks like.

Waking up at 8 a.m., I snuggled up in my blanket, checking emails and social media before getting up. Wednesday is always the busiest day of the week since I have back-to-back classes, and it’s also the day I finish any paperwork that needs to be turned in to the school office. Before heading to the gym, only 2 minutes from my room, I grabbed a banana and some nuts for a pre-workout snack. I try to go at least three times a week to keep myself active while I’m not traveling.

After staying there for an hour, I returned to my room, showered, and prepared for my classes in the afternoon. On Wednesday, I had a presentation about Josef Albers, one of the most influential visual art teachers of the 20th century, in my Bauhaus class. This class is designed for exchange students only, so it is ideal for those of us who wish to learn more about German culture, especially the art movements of the twentieth century. I chose this class because, in addition to my interest in science, I am also an art enthusiast and a big fan of Bauhaus design. If you have the opportunity, check it out on Google! They feature unique furniture, such as nesting tables and the iconic armchair. Moreover, you can also get to perform fun art projects like decorating or Origami to take home in this class.

The whole time before lunch, I did my laundry and ran through the PowerPoint in my favorite corner of the room with a gorgeous view of the garden. I adore flowers, so I tend to buy them whenever I get to town. This week is Easter Lily. Hopefully, it can still be pretty like this when I come back this weekend:)

A typical lunch at Jacobs’s Servery (~7.50 EUR)

I finished the first class at 5 p.m. and headed to German class until 6:30 p.m. I was so starving afterward that I went straight to the dining hall to get some food and hung out with my friends at the dining hall.

I returned to my room around 9 p.m. and got time to wash up, pack my belongings, and go to bed early. That’s pretty much how my typical day would look, and I would say it isn’t that different from a day at Drexel. I hope you enjoy reading and I’ll see you next week. Bis bald!

P/S: Bonus photo for you guys: an early morning shot I took while waiting for the train!

Bremen-Burg at 8AM

A Message from the Office of Global Engagement:

The safety and security of Drexel students is a priority for the University. As part of the efforts to support Drexel students that are studying abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Global Engagement has conducted a rigorous review of programming and provided additional support to participating students with customized pre-departure orientations and regular check-ins during the required self-isolation period and the term.

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