An Italian in Philly: The Harvest Weekend

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… They are all amazing holidays, but sometimes you just want to enjoy the arrival of the fall season as it is, watching the trees becoming yellow and orange and the weather becoming more rainy and chilly. If you’re a fan of the fall season then the Harvest Weekend is must-go during your stay in Philly.

The Harvest Weekend is a 3-day event that takes place in Dilworth Park, right in the middle of Center City. It embraces the best elements of autumn and provides experiences for visitors of all ages.

I discovered this event thanks to a friend of mine who saw it on an Instagram post. There wasn’t much information about it, only a picture of some pumpkins and the date and place, so we didn’t exactly know what to expect from it.

Once we arrived, I immediately noticed that every corner of square was decorated with pumpkins, hay bales and cornstalks, while food and shopping stands were scattered all around it.

After taking some aesthetic pictures with the pumpkins (a must if you visit the States during fall), we walked around the fair to explore the various stands. More than 60 vendors were present selling everything from t-shirts, to jewelry, to candles, and even handmade artwork.

The food on the other hand was a bit more unexpected. The main place selling food was this German-like restaurant that was offering hot-dogs, hamburgers, sausages, pretzels and fries. This is what what we ordered:

Let me tell you, those fries were some of the best fries I’ve had so far! Soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside and perfectly seasoned.

Other than that, there was also this cute little stand selling Asian snacks, like takoyaki and Korean corn dogs, and a stand selling roasted marshmallows.

During the entire festival there were also some artists performing on a stage, like local bands, DJs and rappers. We even watched a guy dressed in a banana costume trying to do some balance tricks on a skateboard (later we found out he was a performer in a roaming circus). The schedule also included a professional pumpkin carving demonstration and a live painting demonstration, but unfortunately we missed those.

Another main attraction was this small labyrinth for kids to play in:

Overall, even if the festival wasn’t very large everyone there seemed to be having a good time, I know we definitely did! It was the perfect occasion to enjoy the fall weather, while sipping some hot drinks and taking cute pictures. A must-go if you want to explore Center City and get into the fall mood!

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