Halloween in the US

This week marked the beginning of the second half of the Fall quarter here at Drexel.

Looking back, my first two months here in the US have really flown by. With six weeks of classes under my belt I think it’s safe to say that I have, or at least really should have, a decent grasp on the academic side of things. Getting through my list of assignments week by week, something I wouldn’t have been used to before studying here, has become second nature. As a result my attention has begun to shift slightly towards the final exams of each of my classes. Final papers are more along the lines of what I am used to. However presentations are not. Really not looking forward to those.

My regular routine changed here and there this week as a result of my arriving back from DC on Monday morning before my classes and travelling back up to the capital on Thursday evening to spend Halloweekend with my girlfriend. I was greatly looking forward to the American college Halloween experience. Throughout the week we planned our couples costume down to the detail and I’d like to say we pulled it off pretty well. We went as Napoleon and Deb from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Not to brag but I received many compliments on my costume throughout the night. Vote for Pedro seems to be something that everyone can get behind. My practicing, “Tina! Come get some ham”, all week really paid off as well.

My amazing costume aside, thankfully over my weekend in DC I got to watch the opening games of the World Series. Something I’m not too enthused by here in the US is the need for a monthly or annual subscription to all the major sports organisations in order to watch the game, be it the NFL, NBA or MLB. It’s a lot harder to watch your favourite teams play here than back home. As such, it’s been a consistent struggle of mine since I’ve been here to catch all of the sports games I’m interesting in watching. Regardless, I’m glad I got to watch the Phillies take game one of the World Series on Friday night as I dressed as Napoleon Dynamite. My glasses nearly went flying as J.T Realmuto hit the game-winning home run at the top of the tenth inning.

Unfortunately, the Phillies lost game two but since we managed to leave Houston with a win I have high hopes for the series being sealed in Citizens Bank with home field advantage. As for the Eagles, it was another week another win. This time against the Pittsburgh Steelers 35-13 in Lincoln Financial Field to make it seven wins from seven. We have the opportunity to make it eight wins from eight for the first time in franchise history next week against none other than the Houston Texans. So on Thursday night of next week the Phillies play the Houston Astros in Philly and the Eagles the Houston Texans in Houston. GO PHILS and GO BIRDS!!!