Arrivederci Roma!

Najifa Hussain, ’25, is a Management Information Systems major studying at the American University of Rome this Fall 2022.

Alas, after four months abroad my study abroad journey has almost come to an end. The week leading up to my flight back home where I am extremely excited to reunite with my friends and family, I can’t help but think how quickly this semester has flown by. As I prepare to go home, I am also preparing for finals so this week was one of my most chaotic ones yet. My top priority however was to also go back to all my favorite spots in Rome that I truly know I will miss once I am back home and to also see Rome’s most popular landmarks one last time.

The best part about going around Rome acting like I was a tourist on my last week here was knowing deep down that I have been here so long that I know my way around and no Apple Maps will be required, so it was nice walking around without having to have my phone out. Tourist season in Rome has also died out a little right before the holidays, so I also really enjoyed walking by and taking in the Trevi Fountain without their being a swarm of crowds. The best part about this week was also taking in the time to appreciate the memories I have made and the people I have met.

Going to Italian dinners every night the week of finals and trying my favorite dishes for the last time was bittersweet but also exciting to think once I’m home, that I can say I have had traditional Roman pasta and that there really is no tiramisu better then Italian tiramisu. The one thing that I really wasn’t looking forward to this week was the amount of packing I would have to do. It really made me realize the amount of items I had bought during my time abroad, not to mention all the souvenirs I had gotten throughout the semester from all the places I had visited.

However, as my last final came to an end and all my backs were packed up and zipped, I came to the realization as to how much I had grown in this past few months. My mind knew that going home and adjusting to my old routine would be hard after everything but at the same time I am extremely grateful for all that I had done and experienced. For my parting words regarding study abroad, I just want to say that it does in fact, truly, change your life in the best way. Until next time, Rome.

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