My classes in Drexel and MLK day

It was officially the second week of classes, and so far, everything has been going great. I have finally recovered from my frustrating jet lag and got the energy to hit the gym for the first time at Drexel! My mood always gets better after a good sweat.

One thing that I wanted to talk about in this entry is the difference between the learning environment in Drexel and that in Hong Kong. In my home institution, lessons were mostly delivered in the format of lectures, and the learning style was rather passive. We would listen to whatever the professor had to say, make notes for revision, and rarely raise questions or talk to others in the class. However, in Drexel, lessons were more interactive, even if it was a big class. Professors would ask us to split into small groups, have discussions and do group work. Everyone was more active and willing to ask questions and get to know each other. I am the talkative (and sometimes a little too loud) type of girl, and of course, I had a much better time during lessons at Drexel.

During our biology recitation classes, we have to discuss our questions and misconceptions in small groups

It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, so a couple of friends and I visited the National Constitution Center (free entry on MLK day!). I was so proud to say that the American Studies course I took last semester in Hong Kong has finally come to good use. The exhibition was on the abolition of slavery, and the history of voting rights of African Americans and women in the United States. We also went to see the theater show that tells the story of the US constitution and the quest for freedom. It was…a bit too patriotic for us five non-Americans. Nevertheless, we had a great time there.

Afterwards, we also went and saw the Liberty Bell

I am a foodie. So, for the past two weeks, I have been trying different American restaurants on and off campus, and it never failed to surprise me how big the portions are. Chipotle was my new favorite restaurant, and their burritos were so fat and chunky that I could split them into two full meals! I have been trying some cheesesteaks here and there, and they all taste delicious! However, I still haven’t got the chance to visit the legendary Pat’s or Geno’s. I will try them the next week maybe. Stay tuned for updates!

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