Homecoming: an athletic week

To be frank, when I first heard of homecoming at Drexel, I thought there will be some sort of prom/dance thing that we have to dress up for (yes, I know right?). I was mentally ready to do all the tedious dress hunting, turns out everything was not what I was expecting! 

The homecoming week kicked off with a bonfire on Wednesday, and it was awesome. Everyone was dancing to the music that the DJ was playing, making new friends, and having fun. They even handed out marshmallows, crackers, and chocolate for us to make smores. I have never had smores with chocolate before and had no idea that this combination would be this delicious! I was very surprised! 

It was a fun night, and the vibes were great

I have always loved watching basketball games, and I went to both matches during homecoming week. Back in Hong Kong, college basketball was not that big of a deal, and games would usually take place in practice courts (like the ones in Drexel Recreation Center). So, when I first stepped foot into Daskalakis Athletic Center, my jaw dropped. Cheerleaders dancing, students waving their towels, big screens hanging from the ceiling, the commentator in the background…it was all very impressive. The atmosphere was incredible, especially the game against Delaware. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, screaming and cheering. 

The game against Delaware was a close one. We won by 3 points at last! 

Later that evening, the Eagles were going against the Giants. My friend’s dragon buddy brought us and his friends to a bar, and we watched the game together. I learned three things that night: 1. How to watch American football 2. The ‘Fly Eagles Fly’ song 3. Philly football fans were no joke, and the craze was real. When the Eagles scored a touchdown, everyone was roaring with joy and singing the fight song. I was happily singing along with them too. I had an extraordinary time, but we had to leave early as one of the guys was a Giants fan. He almost got bullied for wearing a Giants jersey (to be honest we all saw that coming) and was extremely upset as the Giants were three touchdowns behind.

After the Eagles scored a touchdown, everyone went mad!

The Drexel Recreation Center was one of my new favorite places on campus.Besides the gym and sports courts, they also offer free workout classes! I and my friends tried out a core strengthening class together, and oh my it was intense. I need to start working out more to regain my strength.

Had been a while since I last played squash. Feels good to pick it up again

Stay tuned!

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