Philly’s Sports Spirit

On Sunday, I woke up excited about the upcoming game in the evening. I was about to have the biggest night of Philly with the Superbowl game between the Eagles and Kansas City – which, BTW was surprisingly a football team of Missouri, not Kansas..! I wasn’t very interested in football before and don’t know the rules well enough, but I was looking forward to the game anyway.

People I met in Philly told me how sincere and serious Philly people were about sports, especially football. I could feel the whole city thrilled about the game. What made me so enthusiastic about the night was the hope that in the case of the Eagles winning, I might be able to see the people on the street going crazy like I saw on Instagram. I loved the sports spirit that Philly had, a spirit that is so strong that they had to grease the poles on the street so that excited fans won’t climb them.

I watched the game over at my friends’ with other excited fans and non-fans. Our plan was to pre-game before the game, watch the game together, and then go out to the city to see the city go wild if we win. Regarding the Super Bowl, to be frank, I was more excited to see Rihanna for the halftime show than for the actual game itself.

We were more than happy for the first half of the game. Kansas City was very good, but with the injury of their best player, the Birds seemed to be doing slightly better. However, by the end of the game, everyone was slumping in their chair with disappointed eyes. I was heartbroken about how the game turned out, but it was a fun night anyway.

The next day, I went to the 76ers game in hopes that it will be the chance to make up for the last night. Wells Fargo was full of people. I bought a cheesesteak as a gesture of having Philly spirit – also since they are good – and watched the game. Other guys told me that the Houston team wasn’t the best in the league and so that we had a high chance of winning. I was a bit worried at the beginning of the game but the game went really well.

I especially loved the technique of Tyrese Maxey. with his fast and reckless dribbles and cool ceremony gestures after succeeding on a shoot. Three pointers made the fans go wild, and free shooting of the opponent team was always fun to watch with the people booing for their home team.

I think this athletic spirit of the city is what I love most about the Philly, and although the Super Bowl made me a bit sad, I was very happy for the sporty days I had.

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