A slow week…

Week 7 has probably been the slowest paced week in terms of activities I’ve done since arriving here from Dublin. I was focusing a lot on my studies this week after a hectic weekend of visitors.

Two friends came up from Canada and we had a fantastic time with them. It was amazing to see their reactions to Philly and get a perspective on how different it is to living in Canada and again being back home in Ireland. One similarity everyone had was the pace of city life over here compared to back in Ireland. In Dublin, things tend to move at a slower pace, and people are generally more relaxed. In contrast, Philadelphia and seemingly Montreal are bustling cities with a fast-paced lifestyle. It’s clear that it has taken both myself and my friends some time to adjust to the hectic schedule and adapt to the new environments we find ourselves in, one that I for sure wouldn’t change.

One thing I noticed despite my quiet week however was the weather improving vastly and a grand stretch in the evenings. I play a lot of snooker/pool at home and I recently found out about the Pool society here at Drexel. I had established a similar society back in my home university and looked forward to going along to meet some fellow pool players and Drexel students, and hopefully learning a few things on how to efficiently run the society when I return home next year.

Today I visited Rittenhouse Square for the first time. It was something I’ve been meaning to do for a while since I arrived, however between college, visitors and other miscellaneous activities I hadn’t managed to visit it. Despite that, and today with the day so nice I paid a visit, one which won’t be my last. This beautiful park in the heart of Philly is a great place to relax, gaze at trees, and listen to some music. You’ll find plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops nearby as well.

As far as things to do for the weekend, I’m planning on just taking it easy. Ireland is playing in the 6 nations, a rugby tournament, and my beloved Manchester United is playing a huge cup final at the Wembley on Sunday. I’ll visit a local Irish bar in the city for these and hopefully get some good Irish grub to enhance the experience!

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