Trying a “God-Life”

In Korea, when we see a diligent person living an exemplary life, we call that lifestyle “a God-life” – as in a lifestyle that a God would have. Having been “playing” too much recently, I thought that I may need to change my everyday routines to live a healthier life. Therefore, I decided that this week, I will be a person with a God-life.

A God-life will start with waking up early in the morning, one of the hardest things from my perspective. Philadelphia this time of year seems to have quite an early sunrise – and early sunset. I woke up at 8 in the morning, put on joggers, and started running for 30 minutes. I think this is one of the best traits in the US, the fact that they have large lands and well-organized streets make it a perfect country for running exercises. Plus, since you usually have to walk to get groceries anyway, running to the store can be a great way of working out.

Drexel helped me with my God-life which requires morning workouts by providing awesome recreation and gym facilities. Drexel is a bit far from my place, about 30 minutes of walking or 20 minutes of jogging, which actually turned out to be just right for warm-up. I usually do abs at home, but since there are good facilities at Drexel gym, I could do my arms and legs by lifting weights.

This quarter, I chose a great list of classes and some of them require me to study on my own time with some assignments and readings to do. I love to use Student Crease Center in between classes for such personal work since they have a perfect lounge prepared for student use. What I usually do is, grab good food from a food truck, take out my laptop in the student center, and eat and work. Not to mention buying snacks from vending machines once or twice.

I am not sure if I could maintain a good “God-life” throughout rest of the month, but it did feel good to be a diligent girl for a while!

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