5 of My Favorite Things I Saw/Visited in Barcelona

1. Cafes

This had to come first because the cafes in Barcelona are a stone’s throw away from one another, and they may not all be premium quality but I can assure each and every one of them is well above satisfactory, and they all have ‘cafe con leche’s, cortados and croissants, and these are just the basics. There are also so many that are available, you can easily get some work done in them, in fact, I’m writing this from one of them. They’re affordable, they always hit the spot, but most importantly, they’re a part of the culture in Barcelona. Look out for another of my blog posts for my cafe recommendations!

2. Jardins de Laribal

I remember the first time I went to this garden, I was walking up to Montjuic, and I had shooting pains in my abdomen, but when I walked into the garden, I kid you not, my pain ceased, well until I had to go up a flight of stairs again. It’s an arab-inspired garden, very cool, very serene, very big, and very away from the hustle and bustle constantly in Barcelona.

3. La Sagrada Familia

So I never actually went into the building, it’s like 26 euros which I wasn’t in the mood to pay, especially since it’s unfinished and the exterior was giving me enough goosebumps. Gaudi’s incomplete masterpiece of a cathedral is so beautiful, and Christian or not, you can admire the architecture and admit that it is transporting. 

4. MUHBA Turó de la Rovira

Also known as the Bunkers,  one of the popular spots in Barcelona to capture the views, ignore all blogs that say it’s a hidden spot, if you get up there to see the sunset, there are going to be a bunch of people because it’s POPULAR. Nonetheless, the views are good, there’s a small hike to the top, and just on the trek, the views are pretty good, but at the top, you get to see Barcelona in a panoramic view, and see the Sagrada Familia look that imposing in the city, phew.

5. Barcelona History Museum MUHBA

If you’re gonna come to Barcelona, I encourage you to learn a bit about its history. It’s a museum that consists of the remains of Roman Barcelona, such as the walls, the temple of Augustus, all the fun stuff. It’s not the most jump-out-at-you museum, but there is quite a bit to learn, see some remains, and learn about gaurum, Barcelona has a rich history, and while you may not be able to learn it all in the span of your trip, this is definitely a good start!

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