Food Trucks Galore

 I feel that food is one of the things that can distinctly reflect a culture, and the food in Philadelphia has certainly been something I’ve never seen before. While I have heard of the concept of a food truck before, I haven’t ever really seen one in real life until I set foot on Drexel’s campus. It really is an interesting sight to see multiple trucks lined up along the sidewalk daily and the concept of a mobile restaurant was just very unique to me. The food trucks in Drexel are usually stationed near chairs and tables so you can grab your food and have your meal right next to the truck. Although I have observed that most people usually just get their food and go to eat elsewhere.

There also are a variety of cuisines available which is really great as you are spoiled for choice every meal you decide to eat from a food truck. The cuisines range from Greek gyros, to Italian pizzas, and even Asian food. Coming from Singapore, having a range of cuisines available to you within a stone’s throw from your apartment is fairly common. The main difference between the variety of food in Singapore and Philadelphia is that Singapore does have a wider variety of Asian cuisine with a clearer distinction between the different countries in Asia, while in Philadelphia they tend to mix all the Asian cuisines together. For example, I was actually surprised to see Sirloin Steak, Kung Po Chicken and Udon all being sold on the same menu. I guess when cultures mix, you do get a wider variety of food and it gets adapted into something the locals enjoy. In hindsight, it might also be too much to expect fully authentic food from a food truck but it was still a unique experience to taste the changes made to dishes that I have tasted in Asia and in Philadelphia. 

Another thing I observed about food truck food is also how the portion of food can be huge. I think I have a pretty average appetite and I do struggle to finish a portion of food here. While I am able to finish the food, the large quantity does leave me more lethargic than energised after each meal. Luckily, we came up with a solution, which is to share a portion of food with my friends. This way, we avoid feeling lethargic and stuffed right before our lessons and also avoid any potential food wastage.  

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