Taking life one SEPTA at a time

 There are so many transport options you can take to move from one place to another. Be it by driving, taking the bus or train, cycling, or just walking, they all have different benefits and downsides. Driving probably offers the most comfort and privacy but is one of the more pricier options. Taking public transport would allow you to get to your target destination with less privacy and would likely take more time but has a significantly lower cost than driving. Cycling would also get you places, but would more often than not result in you feeling more tired than you did before. Walking would be the slowest option and would result in you being the most tired but is completely free. Depending on the situation you would take your pick. 

I tend to opt to walk or take public transport most of the time, since I also do not have a driver’s license. I have found that while having a car is definitely more convenient, usually public transportation would be more than sufficient to use. However, this was back when I was in Singapore, in Philly things are a little different. 

Perhaps my standards for public transportation are slightly higher since I rely on it so much back in Singapore, and it is structured very differently there. In Singapore, I would regularly take the bus and train to anywhere in the country. However, in Philadelphia its a little harder to take public transportation to go places. There actually is a very big difference between the public transportation in Singapore and in Philadelphia. In Philadelphia the bus stops are signs on poles which were hard to notice at first, but you do get used to it after a while. This was pretty bizarre to me since in Singapore the bus stops were actual stops with shelter and signs indicating that it was a bus stop. We also have some bus stops that had screens to show the estimated waiting time for each bus and every bus stop had the route details for all the buses that stopped there. Not having the route details at the bus stop was a little stressful since it was difficult to verify if the buses were going in the right direction. I usually end up resorting to using Google Maps to check on the waiting times and detours for the buses in Philly. Overall, the public transportation system in Philly is not that bad and does work well enough to take you to where you want to go.

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