This is Real Magic

If you’re someone like me who has never been to Disney World, but still is a true Disney fan, it is something you can only dream of. You make it out to be something so very special in your head – a truly magical place to make you forget about the real world, if even just for a little while. That is why it was a dream come true when I was finally able to go there myself.

Disney World is everything you think it is – and more. I am usually not a person to get very excited about a lot of things (though I wish I was), but this experience truly struck me. Just as we entered, it felt like the child in me had awoken. Suddenly, I was back to those cozy Friday nights that I would spend watching the Disney show or simply just one of the classic Disney movies. Nostalgia never gets old.

The first thing we saw when arriving was the majestic and iconic castle. It was so beautiful, and I bet what everyone there was thinking (including myself) was that they wished they could have gone inside it. I guess that will leave some room for imagination. The girls I was with had already made a plan for all the rides we were to try and I was there along for the ride. We went from Pirates of the Caribbean to the Haunted Mansion to Peter Pan. There was even an amazing Ariel ride with all the moments from the movie so perfectly displayed! Being there felt like all the magic from the movies was coming to life and we were being swept right into it. Everything was made ready down to the littlest details, which made it all feel so real.

To top it all off, there was a light show in the evening after the long, adventurous day. All the different movies had their themes so well displayed on the castle with both the music, the lighting, and the fireworks so that each story was clearly distinguished from one another. At the end of the show, after seeing all the different, beautiful versions of the castle, there was a voice on the speakers saying that it was time for us to go out in the world and find our own magic – our happily ever after. It moved something in me that I was not ready for. This is what Disney is all about. This is what being an exchange student is all about. We need to get out there – out of our comfort zones – so we can try new experiences and reach new limits, because every experience will serve as a lesson in life for you to move forward and to create your own happiness.

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