Drag is no drag!

When I first started learning about drag and what it’s all about, I thought it was merely about men who enjoyed dressing up as women. I have, of course, come to learn that it is so much more than that – especially after watching numerous of episodes Rupaul’s Drag Race, of which I have been a loyal watcher for a few years now.

The artform that is drag never ceases to amaze me, and Drexel’s drag show was no exception. The colors, the excitement, and the absolute extravaganza all merged together into one whole unit of greatness. Seeing as I had never been to a drag show before, I wasn’t sure what to expect – only that it was going to be a crazy night! (in a good way of course)

The show was introduced by the drag queen Pandora Boxx, who was a contestant in the second season of Rupaul’s Drag Race. The crowd was already going wild after that, screaming, wooing, and clapping (myself included). After that, one drag queen would come in after the other performing their piece, each unique, beautiful, and comic. Something I love about drag is its way of turning anything into something funny, whether it’s making fun of itself as an art form, drag queens making fun of themselves or others, or just making fun in general. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s actually very simple. When you enter the room where the drag show takes place, it feels like all lines have been erased, like there are no limits to what you can say or do. You should simply be yourself and express the person that you are because it’s a party where everyone is welcome – and invited.

There is a magic about drag. Feeling the energy and confidence of the performers makes you want to get up and join them. You just can’t help but smile – especially when they walk through the crowd and literally drag you into it by sitting on your lap or shaking their booty all up in your face (I’m laughing just writing this). Drag crosses boundaries of everyday life and reminds you that not everything in life needs to be so serious. Sometimes it’s okay to just let it all out because what is life without some good fun?

To me, drag is inspiring. It makes me wish I could just go and shake my booty too (maybe not literally, but I hope you get the picture). Oftentimes, it’s difficult to free your inner person – I mean the real you, but it’s worth a shot. Who knows? Maybe you find that you, too, have been magic all along – just by being you.

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