Balancing Academics and Adventure:  How I Managed my Coursework while Exploring the U.S.

 Embarking on a journey to study in the United States is an exciting opportunity for international students like myself. As I delved into my academic pursuits, I was also determined to make the most of my time and explore the diverse landscapes and cultural treasures that the country has to offer. In this blog post, I will share my experiences and insights on how I successfully balanced my coursework while indulging in memorable adventures across the United States. Through the utilisation of various apps and services, I was able to streamline my travel planning, manage expenses, and discover hidden gems, all while staying on top of my academic responsibilities.

Traveling with friends or fellow students often entails splitting expenses for accommodations, meals, and other shared costs. Splitwise, a popular expense-sharing app, became an invaluable tool in keeping track of our shared expenditures. With Splitwise, we could easily record and settle expenses among group members, ensuring fairness and transparency. It eliminated the hassle of manual calculations and helped maintain a harmonious financial arrangement throughout our journeys.

Exploring different cities and regions within the United States was made accessible and affordable through bus travel. Apps like BusBud, OurBus, and FlixBus provided an efficient way to search for bus routes, compare prices, and book tickets. These platforms allowed me to plan my trips in advance, select preferred departure times, and even access student discounts where available. Utilising bus services not only offered flexibility but also gave me the opportunity to witness the country’s breathtaking landscapes up close during my journeys.

When air travel was necessary for longer distances or when time was a constraint, Google Flights became my go-to resource for finding the best airfare deals. This comprehensive flight search engine allowed me to explore different airlines, compare prices, and conveniently book flights directly through the platform. By setting up price alerts and utilising flexible travel dates, I was able to secure affordable flights and optimise my travel budget.

As a student, I discovered the immense value of student discounts in the United States. Many attractions, museums, theatres, and transportation services offer discounted rates for students, making it more affordable to explore and immerse myself in local culture. Additionally, Amtrak, the national rail service, provides student discounts, enabling me to embark on scenic train journeys while saving on travel expenses. So, whether you’re a student planning your own academic and adventurous journey or an avid traveler, I hope these insights prove helpful in making the most of your time in the United States.

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