From the Lion City to the City of Brotherly Love: How A Singaporean Found Lifelong Friends at Drexel

Moving across the globe can be a daunting experience, but for me, it was an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and embark on a new adventure. Leaving behind the familiar sights and sounds of Singapore, I set my sights on Philadelphia, fondly known as the City of Brotherly Love. Little did I know that this journey would not only expand my academic horizons but also introduce me to a diverse group of individuals who would become lifelong friends. In this blog post, I want to share my story of how I, a Singaporean student, found a sense of belonging and forged meaningful connections at Drexel University.

One of the most enriching aspects of studying abroad is the opportunity to engage with people from different cultural backgrounds. At Drexel, I found myself surrounded by a diverse community of students hailing from all corners of the globe. Through campus events, student organisations, and classes, I connected with individuals from various countries, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences. Embracing cultural exchange became a cornerstone of my journey, allowing me to learn about different traditions, languages, and cuisines, fostering a deeper appreciation for the world’s rich tapestry of cultures.

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming, but the shared experience of navigating a foreign environment brought me closer to fellow international students. We formed tight-knit communities, providing support, guidance, and friendship during our time at Drexel. From exploring the city’s landmarks together to sharing stories of our hometowns, these friendships became a lifeline, reminding me that I was not alone in this new chapter of my life.

Before arriving in the United States, I was more scared than excited to live here since most of the things I’ve heard of America were less than favourable to say the least. My family and friends were extremely worried for my safety since we don’t have any guns in Singapore hence we did not know what to expect. After living here for 10 weeks, I have to say that they were probably right to worry but with extra caution, I feel that the stress on safety feels more manageable. 

My journey from the Lion City to the City of Brotherly Love has been transformative in more ways than I could have imagined. At Drexel University, I found a diverse community of friends who have become an integral part of my life. The experiences we shared, the lessons we learned, and the memories we created will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

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