5 Things to See When You Visit Madrid

There are so many amazing areas and tourist attractions to visit in Madrid, but these were my top 5 favorite things to see when in Madrid.

#1 Parque Del Retiro

This park was huge and every part of it was absolutely gorgeous! There’s two different entrances that we went through, with many paths of trails that lead in all different directions. Among the trails there were sections of grass that people could sit at, and since there were so many every group could have their own private area guarded with bushes. Eventually the paths lead to a big open court filled with pink flowers that was a beautiful sight to see. The park was so huge, we didn’t even get to explore the whole thing! This is a popular place for both locals and tourists, and is definitely worth seeing and getting good pics for Instagram.

#2 Palacio Real de Madrid

This place was INSANE! It is the largest palace in Western Europe, with over 2,800 rooms! Though we were only allowed to see about 20 rooms, they were all so enchanting. The rooms of the palace were so exquisite that tourists were not permitted to take pictures outside of the main entrance. This is a place you have to see for your own eyes to really bask in the astounding regalness that this castle holds. My favorite rooms were the chapel that was coated from floor to ceiling in gold, and the throne room where the Kings and Queens would greet royal guests. This is definitely a must see for Madrid!

#3 Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

This museum used to be a hospital, but was transformed to showcase an impressive collection of art and culture. The most impressive painting was the Guernica by Picasso which was the biggest painting on a canvas I had ever seen. It took up an entire wall by itself, and is so treasured that it had two body guards surrounding it at all times with an alarm that sounded off if tourists got too close to it. This place also did not permit pictures to be taken, so to see these paintings you’ll have to go in person or Google it. It was great to see some treasured Spanish culture within these paintings, and is a place I definitely think everyone should go see.

#4 Fuencarral

One of my favorite shopping strips in the city, this street has shops exclusive to Spain and international shops, so anyone with any fashion sense can find clothes! There’s American stores like Brandy Melville and Spanish shops like Brownie. There were also many restaurants on this street, too, so you can grab a quick bite and continue shopping! I highly recommend.

#5 Gran Via

This strip of stores is also a must see place for every fashion lover. This area had way more stores than Fuencarral– a giant Zara with four floors, and one of my favorite Spanish shops, Stradivarius. There was also Primark, H&M, and Bershka (such cute clothes here!). Like Fuencarral, there are also many restaurants amongst the stores that made shopping here so enjoyable. If you need more clothes for a night out, or more bikinis for the beach, this is the place to shop.

These are my recommended must see places in Madrid. I was at my happiest strolling these streets, parks, and national treasures, and I know they’ll make any one else who is lucky enough to visit them just as happy. When in Madrid, you have to go to these 5 places!

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