Smart Packing: 3 Essentials to Bring and 3 Items to Leave for Your Study Abroad Adventure in London!

You’ve won the lottery: a study abroad experience in the breathtaking metropolis of London. Hold off on packing, though, because we’re going to impart some unconventional advice on what to pack and what to throw away. The call of London signals that it’s time to pack up!

37 Hyde Park Gate, one of the FIE Dorms
~the place I’m currently staying~

Pack these:

  1. Weather Whimsies: London weather’s moodier than a Shakespearean tragedy. Think of it as a series of unexpected twists and turns – one minute the sun might be shining, and the next, rain is cascading down. To navigate this meteorological masterpiece, you’ll need some trusty allies in your packing arsenal. Consider equipping yourself with a superhero umbrella that will protect you from unforeseen downpours. Not to be overlooked is the rain-resistant jacket, a fashionable yet functional layer that protects you from the elements and gives you the assurance to swagger through London’s streets. However, there’s still more! Cozy socks and jackets are your wardrobe’s hidden heroes when it comes to chilly climates. While you meander down the Thames or discover London’s hidden beauties, these friends keep you warm and comfortable. It’s like being in your own personal movie scenario as you sip a cup of hot tea as the landscape around you sparkles with rain.
  2. Adapters and Chargers: London’s electrical outlets march to a different beat, so it’s essential to pack the right adapters and chargers to keep your gadgets powered and primed for action. These little gizmos become your ticket to capturing unforgettable moments and staying connected with your loved ones across the pond. Consider your adapters and chargers as the quills and parchment of today; they give you the ability to pen your own epic tale of travel and discovery. These modern necessities make sure you’re never left in the dark, whether you’re taking pictures in front of Big Ben, posting your favorite London dishes on social media, or video-calling your family to discuss your latest exploits.
  3. Leave Luggage Space for Souvenirs: Consider this piece of advice before you pack your entire wardrobe of British-themed teacups and double-decker bus keychains: allow some space in your suitcase for the inevitably large amount of souvenirs you’ll gather while traveling. You’ll want to make sure there is enough room in your suitcases, which have a limited storage capacity, to store those priceless souvenirs that will serve as a constant reminder of your travels for years to come. Therefore, even while your goal may be to spread London’s joy through thoughtful presents, keep in mind to leave some place in your suitcase for wriggle room. You’ll be grateful for this foresight when you’re carrying back lovely souvenirs. The best keepsakes are those that you find yourself, and London is prepared to provide you memories that are deserving of a place in your suitcase.
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Leave These Behind:

  1. Hangers: Believe it or not, your new London digs might come with a delightful surprise – a supply of hangers waiting patiently in your closet. Many student accommodations, including the comfy havens offered by the Foundation for International Education (FIE), are equipped with these handy hangers. That’s right, no need to fret over packing your own entourage of hangers. Your wardrobe’s support team is already assembled. Therefore, keep in mind that while you zip up your luggage, you’re not just making room for hangers but also for memories, experiences, and possibly that amazing vintage item you’ll find in a market in London.
  2. Unnecessary Clothing: All you stylish besties out there, pay attention—your London fashion adventure is calling, but you don’t need to go through your entire wardrobe to answer. Take a deep breath as you stand in front of your closet and are tempted to wear that sequined jumpsuit you haven’t worn in ages. Instead, think on the charm of multipurpose clothing. Consider your bag as a carefully designed fashion exhibit that displays your personal style in its most adaptable and useful manifestation. Bring a dress that can be dressed up or down and your favorite jeans to create a variety of styles. Also, don’t forget to pack some stylish yet comfortable shoes that you can wear for hours of exploration. You’re not just packing clothes when you choose pieces that have numerous uses; you’re packing potential.
  3. Bulky Towels and Linens: Towels and linens can take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Now, before you start calculating the thread count of your personal linens, consider the practicality of saving luggage space. Packing bulky linens can quickly gobble up valuable real estate in your suitcase, leaving less room for those quirky souvenirs and stylish finds you’ll undoubtedly collect during your stay. If you’re particular about your towels, pack one lightweight and quick-drying option.

You’re prepared for a flurry of British genius with these outrageous packing tips. Study hard, go on more adventures, and sprinkling your distinctive charm all over this legendary city. Cheers to a study abroad adventure that will live in the memory as long as Big Ben’s bongs do!

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