3 Restaurants in London You Have to Visit

Lovel Lee, ’25, is a Graphic Design major studying at FIE London this Summer 2023.

In London, if there’s one place I recommend it’s Sketch. Sketch is a place where you can experience afternoon tea. I was a bit hesitant to be honest if I wanted to go to a restaurant so expensive. It’s around 80 pounds per person which would end up being around 100 USD. However, I think the experience made the price worth it.

One thing about Sketch that is so great is that the food menu we got was unlimited. When reserving we chose the Afternoon Tea in the Gallery. My friend and I were at first concerned because the finger sandwiches and pastries although tasty and pretty, didn’t seem like they would fill us up. However, the food is limitless and you can order continuously if you please. No need to worry about leaving this restaurant feeling hungry like some high-end restaurants do.

Another thing about Sketch is that it’s beautiful. There was live music playing and the Gallery was decorated with interesting artworks and a moody golden lighting. The atmosphere is perfect for taking pictures. There’s also a room next to the Gallery and that room is like one I have never seen before. It feels as if you stepped into a painting of an evening forest. If there’s one restaurant in my life that I can rank as the most beautiful it would be Sketch.

The second place that would follow closely behind Sketch is The Churchill Pub Restaurant. The Churchill Pub is probably one of the most popular pubs in London. In fact, it’s a restaurant that if you google searched London would most definitely pop up. The outside is covered in flowers that contrast so vividly with the London skies.

What really made this place stand out was the Thai restaurant inside the pub. This restaurant is starkly different from the lively and homey pub interior near the entrance of the Churchill Pub. The Thai restaurant has beautiful plants growing all around inside, hanging plants and butterflies lining the walls. It feels like a mystical garden out of a fairytale. The food is also delicious. I got the curry and devoured it. I would definitely recommend this place as a must-go if you are in London.

The third and final place is my favorite restaurant of all time in London. It’s an Italian restaurant called Da Mario. I heard that Princess Diana liked visiting this restaurant. This restaurant is just a walk away from the resident areas near FIE. My friend and I would visit this restaurant maybe three or four times during our stay in London. In fact, it was the last restaurant that we went to before heading back to the States.

The pine nut cream pasta was out of this world. It’s so creamy and the flat wide noodles are so soft and lovely to eat. The flavor is not strong but light and combines with the creaminess well. There’s also tiramisu for dessert. The tiramisu there is amazing as well and a perfect end to the meal. I miss this place and blogging about it makes me so hungry right now. I would recommend checking it out at least once if you are in London. I don’t think you will regret it!

Pine Nut Cream Pasta