Last Thoughts

Lovel Lee, ’25, is a Graphic Design major studying at FIE London this Summer 2023.

I still can’t believe I went to study abroad in Korea and London. Even during the trip itself, I felt like I was dreaming. It has been some time since I came back from abroad and I can’t help but look back at all the fond memories. One of the things I think is interesting is how the educational systems differ from Drexel.

The educational system in London from the classes I took felt very interactive compared to the classes I took at Drexel. I’m not sure if was because the London program was only four weeks compared to the ten-week cycle at Drexel but the classes consisted less of standard lectures and were more based on taking trips to museums and other studios. I really appreciated how it was set up because it made studying abroad in London more of a fuller experience.

Since classes can take up most of the week, it can be difficult to explore as much as you want to but because the classes took you to many of the famous museums which is one of the main things London is known for, it felt like you were getting a built-in itinerary.

One of the Museums Our Class Visited) The Leighton House

London is known to be a good place for those studying the arts. One of the reasons I went to London was because it was a great fit for people in graphic design. In fact, a lot of graphic design students from Drexel went on this program and it felt so close-knit being around my classmates on these trips to museums and studios. Although London felt similar to Pennsylvania, I think the way the educational system was set up for students studying abroad at FIE stood out.

On the other hand, Korea is known to be one of the most academically driven cultures in the world. The people in Korea have classes after actual school and there’s a big emphasis on academic performance. It would be a lie if I said I experienced Korea’s educational system during my time abroad because in reality I only took classes that were fun. One thing I do know is that the professors all have a passion for teaching and take teaching very seriously.

On another note, Korea takes cafeteria food to a different level. I think it could directly have something to do with how they want to provide ample nourishment for students. The prices are cheap and the food quality is great. If there is one thing I will remember from Hanyang University, its that Korea’s cafeteria food is definitely not like normal college cafeteria food.

Overall, studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity for those looking to dive into something different. The way the programs span a month each is perfect, especially for Drexel students who like moving quickly. I was interested to see how the classes will be taught within a span of four weeks. It sounds crazy to think that a course can be taught within just a month but surprisingly it works well.

Studying abroad has taught me a lot about myself. It taught me how to think quickly, stay calm, and have more of a mindset willing to jump in and try new things. I think it’s a pivotal period of growth. If you are able to go abroad but debating whether or not studying abroad is for you, I say just go for it! It will definitely be one of the most memorable times of your life!

Enjoying Food is One of the Best Things About Studying Abroad!