The Beautiful Museums of London and Why You Must See Them

Vivian Pham, ’25, is a Graphic Design major studying at the
FIE this Summer 2023.

London is a rich culture hub for many to explore. By allowing many of their museums to be free, London is encouraging tourist and locals to indulge in these resources and learn something new. As an art enthusiast and a college student, “museum with free admission” is a phrase and sounds like music to my ears.

  1. Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert museum holds art works from different parts of the world and from different time periods! You can see contemporary pieces about climate change and the pandemic to beautiful Greek sculptures and fashion from the 1800s! The Victoria and Albert Museum is a culturally rich place for people of all interests to enjoy! And if you want to take a quick break, the museum also has a lovely courtyard at the center of the museum for you to buy a quick pastry and enjoy flowers! The Victoria and Albert Museum is also located around the Natural History Museum and Science Museum is you want to see more interactive exhibits that are free!

2. John Soane’s Museum

Aside from the Victoria and Albert Museum, another free museum that you must visit is the John Soane Museum! John Soane was a famous architect who loved collecting paintings, sculptures, furniture, etc. much so that before his passing he preserved his home and collection in order for the public to view it for free! So we get to see the elegant taste and beautiful designs in the architecture home as well as is beautiful collections! His home is in a flat by the Holborn tube station! On the outside his home looks simple but the inside feels like an eccentric nobleman home! If you are a fan of rich interior design you must see how well design his home is.

3. Tate Modern Museum

Finally, the Tate Modern is an absolute must! The area around Tate Modern can count as a whole day trip if planned well! When walking to Tate Modern you must take the tube and get off at Blackfriars station and take the Millenium Bridge to get to the museum. It is a bit of a walk but it is so worth the view!